Make a video accessible

Understand the key considerations for making a video accessible.


Captions are text representing spoken words, such as dialogue or narration, and other meaningful sounds in the video.

Descriptive text transcript

A descriptive text transcript is a full text equivalent of the content in a video — that is, of all the meaningful audio and visual information presented in the video.

Audio description

An audio description is an additional audio track that’s added to the video to describe and give context for essential information that’s not included in the video’s audio track and only communicated visually on the screen.

Sign language translation

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is one of New Zealand’s official languages. People in the Deaf community use NZSL to communicate.

Autoplay is disabled

A video set to autoplay starts playing as soon as the web page loads — it’s best to avoid this.

Title attribute, if video published in an <iframe>

The HTML title attribute lets people using a screen reader know that a video is present and what it’s about, so that they can play it or skip past it if they want to.