Accessibility statements

An accessibility statement tells users about the accessibility of the site and how to contact the site for help with, or to give feedback on, accessibility problems.

The statement is a declaration of the website owner’s commitment to accessibility and the needs of disabled people.

A website does not need to be fully accessible before publishing an accessibility statement.

Note: Having an accessibility statement is not a requirement of the New Zealand Government Web Accessibility Standard, but it is recommended best practice. It’s likely to become a formal requirement in the next version of the Standard.

Why accessibility statements are important

In New Zealand, any organisation that serves the public must provide disabled people with equal access to online information and services.

Benefits to disabled people

An accessibility statement helps disabled people understand:

Business benefits

An accessibility statement:

What to include in an accessibility statement

The following information is useful to include in an accessibility statement.

How to write an accessibility statement

For guidance on how to create an accessibility statement, see:

Examples of accessibility statements

Where to put an accessibility statement

Make the website’s accessibility statement easy to find. Put links to it in places like the:

Keeping an accessibility statement up to date

Accessibility work to meet the needs of disabled people who visit your website is an ongoing process. Update the information on the statement: